Scholarship Committee – Responsible for cultivating scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. Also responsible for educating members on the scholarship application process, as well as the marketing and promotion of scholarships via the COMTO website, local chapters/media, colleges/universities/high schools and word-of-mouth advertisement.

Conference Program Planning Committee – Responsible for developing the workshops and forums for COMTO’s National Meeting and Training Conference.  This committee reviews and evaluates abstracts/Call for Papers submissions in order to ensure that the workshops, CEUs and forums meet the educational needs and goals of COMTO's membership.
Industry Awards Committee – Administers COMTO’s Industry Awards Program according to policies established by the Board of Directors, responsible for promotion of the industry awards and selection of recipients.
HUB Sub-Committee – Assist COMTO with developing and maintaining a comprehensive and energetic program to promote the use of HUB vendors throughout the procurement process. View our recent webinar "The Art of Estimating the Basics" here.

Legislative Advisory Council –  Recommends policy based upon legislative directives that have been approved by the COMTO Board of Directors. To that end, the COMTO legislative advisory council promotes policies and programs that advance the organization, as well as the mission, vision and strategic plan. 
Membership Committee – Responsible for generating ideas and initiatives related to the recruitment of members. Also responsible for the development of programs designed to attract additional members and the modification of existing membership eligibility criteria, subject to the review and approval of the Board of Directors.
Strategic Planning Committee – Develop, maintain and refresh the strategic plan to align with the mission, vision and goals of COMTO and to ensure that the COMTO strategic plan appropriately guides the organization to achieve the strategic direction desired.  
Accessibility Committee   To ensure that the transportation needs of people with disabilities are incorporated into COMTO’s constituency. To highlight contributions that people with disabilities make to the transportation industry. Bring greater emphasis to disabled veteran owned businesses among the historically underutilized businesses for which COMTO advocates. To obtain fair and equal employment and contracting opportunities in the transportation industry for disabled veterans and others with disabilities. 

Women Who Move the Nation – The mission of the Celebrating Women Who Move the Nation Steering Committee is to ensure the successful planning and execution of COMTO’s Celebrating Women Who Move The Nation breakfast awards ceremony during Women’s History Month. This will include ensuring COMTO meets its revenue goals, choosing honorees that meet all predefined criteria, ensuring that all honorees will be present at the ceremony, helping to plan logistics of the event, participating in teleconferences to ensure all timeline items are completed in a timely fashion, and assisting with all assigned onsite duties the day of the event.
CITY Intern – The CITY Interns Committee is committed to working together to help the next generation of transportation leaders climb the ladder of opportunity. The individuals that participate on the CITY Intern Committee are passionate about youth and their development. Coming from very diverse backgrounds, we converge to create a team whose expertise and contributions complement one another and support the program’s goals.
Emerging Leaders – The Emerging Leaders Subcommittee of the Membership Committee works on key initiatives to engage COMTO professionals seeking to build the requisite skills to advance toward the rank of Officer or Executive in public or private organizations within the transportation industry. Check out the Emerging Leaders Subcommittee's latest Executive Coaching Series webinar, featuring Dr. Kendra Taylor, CEO KEY Efficiencies here.
Corporate Advisory – Forthcoming