HUB Small and Minority Business Directory FAQs

Why a Business Directory?

As COMTO is one of the foremost trade organization leaders in the multimodal transportation field, we are frequently called upon to provide competent Small Businesses for major infrastructure projects nationally. As of late, large, national contractors such as Clark Construction, HNTB, Turner Construction and others have called on us to refer a list of Small Business contractors who could assist them in meeting a DBE or minority hiring goal.

Business Directory Overview

We are launching a Business Directory in 2019 available to all COMTO Small Business members, and members who want to upgrade to Small Business membership in 2020.

How Will the Directory Work?

The Small Business Directory will be visible to all COMTO website visitors.  Anyone can search by the fields listed on the Small Business Directory form.  Qualifying companies will appear in the search results. Clicking on a company name will display the full company profile, including name, address, phone, e-mail, etc.

Cost to be listed in the Business Directory

There is no charge for a directory listing, so long as you're a COMTO member in good standing, or if you're a COMTO member who would like to upgrade to Small Business membership in 2020.

Getting Added to the Directory

Fill out the form below and COMTO will post your organization's information in the Small Business Directory.  The Directory will be promoted via e-mail blasts, website presence, and social media.

Create Username and Password

You will be creating a new (2nd) profile on our website.  Please choose a username different from the name that you're using for your primary COMTO member account.

Click here to apply for inclusion in the Small Business Directory. 

Note: You must be a member of COMTO, and signed out of the COMTO website to complete the application.

Applications will be reviewed by COMTO and qualifying submissions will be posted in the directory within 5 business days.